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Identification of Qualified Investors

According to "Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of private equity investment funds" in the fourth chapter of the fourteenth provisions: "Private equity fund managers, private equity fund sales institutions are not allowed to raise funds from other institutions and individuals (except for qualified investors), and not allowed to propagate and recommend to non-specific objects through newspapers, radio, television, Internet and other media or the public lectures, report, analysis and notices, flyers, mobile phone SMS, WeChat, blog and email."

JQ capital would like to comply with the provisions of "Interim Measures for the supervision and administration of private equity investment funds", and only promote the relevant private equity investment fund products to specific qualified investors.

If you intend to invest in private equity funds, please confirm that you meet the requirements of the standard regulations of the "qualified investors", which have the appropriate risk identification and risk tolerance capability, the investment amount in single private equity funds is not less than 1 million yuan, and the personal financial assets is not less than 3 million yuan or the average annual personal income in last three years is not less than 500 thousand yuan, and have a certain understanding of private equity investment fund.

This product is private equity fund products that can only be recommended to the qualified investors.
Please confirm:I am a qualified investor.
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